Snowdrops For Sale

G. elwesii 'Abington Green'Named for the town of its origin (in Cambridgeshire), as well as for the large near-rectangular blotch that covers most of each inner flower segment, 'Abington Green' is also distinguished by its broad, rounded, long-clawed outer segments.£10.00
G. elwesii 'Ailwyn'Grows to 20cm in height, with narrow, grey-green leaves and solitary, nodding, double, white flowers, the inner petals very neat and symmetrical, marked with an inverted V sometimes with one or two spots above.£15.00
G. elwesii 'Beanie'Beautiful and robust elwesii hybrid with large, well shaped flowers. The outer segments have variable green lines at the apex, and there is a single large apical mark on the inner segments.£60.00
G. elwesii 'Big Boy''BIG' is the operative word here, flower reaching 4+cm in size on a plant 20cm high. Quite possibly the largest of all snowdrops.Grows to 20cm in height, with narrow, grey-green leaves and solitary, nodding, double, white flowers, the inner petals very neat and symmetrical, marked with an inverted V sometimes with one or two spots above.£50.00
G. elwesii 'Bushmills'Green inner petals throughout, delicate pale green stripes at the tip of the outer petals. The Old Bushmills distillery is one of the world's oldest whiskey distilleries in County Antrim.TBA
G. elwesii 'Carolyn Elwes'The yellow G. elwesii discovered at Colesbourne Park. Extremely rare.£250.00
G. elwesii 'Chris Sanders'heart-shaped bright green mark on the inner segment, occasionally produces additional inner segments. Found by 'Margaret Owen', who dedicated the Snowdrop 2007 to her friend, a well-known English plant expert£50.00
G. elwesii 'Comet'Hiemalis group, early flowering, with large flowers on long stems. Thick green drawing inside, green lace outside. Good beginner variety.£15.00
G. elwesii 'Don Armstrong'A particularly pretty poculiform G. elwesii. Rare.£120.00
G. elwesii 'Elmley Lovett'A pleasing G. elwesii originating in Elmley Lovett, Worcestershire.£17.50
G. elwesii 'Esther Merton'G. elwesii with two green marks on the inner petal; green inverted V at the top, green round dot at the base, dedicated to the owner of a garden in Burford / Oxfordshire.£40.00
G. elwesii 'Godfrey Owen'A wonderful G. elwesii clone with six outer and six inner segments. Symmetrical and exquisite. Mid season.£30.00
G. elwesii 'Green Brush'Good green tips on outers and an almost solid green inner with sharp white narrow border.£15.00
G. elwesii 'Les Miserables (Grumpy)'A charming snowdrop that appears to have a grumpy "face".£28.00
G. elwesii 'Jessica'Green-tipped clone, scapes extend beyond the foliage. Named by Phil Cornish for his wife.£25.00
G. elwesii 'Long Drop'G. elwesii Hiemalis group with unusually elongated outer petals, depending on the size of the bulb.TBA
G. elwesii 'Louise Anne Bromley'Very long outer petals and large X-mark on the inner petal. From David Bromley and named after his deceased sister.£23.00
G. elwesii 'Mandarin'Found in 1993 by 'Phil Cornish'. Inner petals show a two-part green line. The outer petals spread their blooms.£12.50
G. elwesii 'Marjorie Brown'Late clone with alluring glaucous leaves. March. 17cm.£12.00
G. elwesii 'Moses Basket'Has amazingly twisted petals, green on the inner petals.£20.00
G. elwesii 'Moya's Green'Green X at the base, streaked light green at the top of both the inner and outer petals.£40.00
G. elwesii 'Pat Mason'G. elwesii with a large X-mark on the inner segments, broad outer segments with delicate green lines at the tip.£40.00
G. elwesii 'Potters Prelude'Early flowering G. elwesii var. Monostichus, very large snowdrop with broad blue-green leaves and green foliage on the inner leaves. From Jack Potter, USA, around 1960.TBA
G. elwesii 'Reverend Hailstone'Named after former owner of Anglesey Abbey. Early and large flower.£8.00
G. elwesii 'Rosemary Burnham'Discovered in Burnby, British Colombia, Canada by Rosemary Burnham in 1960s. Highly desirable green snowdrop. Lovely scent.£35.00
G. elwesii var. elwesiiThe original 'giant snowdrop' collected by H.J. Elwes in 1874.£5.00
G. elwesii 'York Minster'Almost entirely light green striped outer petals, dark green inner petals, already flowering in December / January, named by Jörg Lebsa.TBA
G. elwesii 'Yvonne Hay'Very vigorous, large clone. A good match for G. plicatus 'Colossus'. Early to mid season. 37cm.£20.00
G. elwesii 'Whittalii'A particularly fine and robust form of an early flowering elwesii. Tall and very upright with large globular flowers in sparkling white. A desirable variety with an Award of Merit from the Alpine Garden Society.£10.00
G. lagodechianusCharming, small species native to Caucasus, Armenia and Azerbaijan (all of our stock are cultivated at Colesbourne).TBA
G. lagodechianus 'Kemularia'Robust plant excellent for naturalising. Long flowers, long flowering period. We suggest naturalising with G. nivalis. 20cm.£13.50
G. nivalisBeautiful common snowdrop, established in pots for naturalising. Vigorous and delightful. 5 bulbs per pot.£4.50
G. nivalis 'Bagpuize Virginia'Tidy G. nivalis, many inner segments neatly arranged. Discovered at Kingston Bagpuize House, Oxfordshire.£20.00
G. nivalis 'Blewbury Tart'Flowers almost erect, outers brushed green at apex, inners form dark green rosette. Discovered in Oxfordshire by Alan Street.£20.00
G. nivalis 'Elphin'Pleasingly tiny (7.5cm), fang-like outers. Bulks up happily. Discovered in 1997 in Wroxhall, Warwickshire.£10.00
G. nivalis 'Flore Pleno'Familiar double snowdrop, excellent for naturalising. Feb-Apr. 12-15cm. 4 bulbs per pot.£4.50
G. nivalis 'Gloucester Old Spot'One spot on the right and one on the left and very light yellowish stripes on the inner petals. In the county of Gloucestershire, a well-known English pig breed.£30.00
G. nivalis 'Green Necklace'G. nivalis with a deep green horseshoe-shaped mark on the top of the inner petals, which reflects pale towards the ovary - acts like a necklace. Found in the 1970s by Daphne Chappell.£6.00
G. nivalis 'Green Tear'Arguably the greatest of the virescent snowdrops. Attractive green shading on outer segments with the unrivalled solid green marking on the inner segments. Very rare.£100.00
G. nivalis 'Lady Elphinstone'Yellow form of G. nivalis 'Flore Pleno'. Can sulk for a season or two after being moved but settles down after a spell.£18.00
G. nivalis 'Ophelia'Often irregularly double-filled snowdrop with the largest marking of filled shapes, today the most widespread Greatorex doubles variety.£5.00
G. nivalis 'Pusey Green Tips' Double snowdrop with green tips on outer segments, always popular. Jan-Apr. 12cm.£3.00
G. nivalis 'Sandersii' G. nivalis with pale yellow ovary and pale yellow, crescent-shaped spot on the inner petals. Grows very slowly and rather appreciates a slightly acidic soil.£14.00
G. nivalis 'Viridapice'Vigorous, tall G. nivalis with strong green tips on outer segments, spathe often expanded. Jan-Apr. 16cm.£8.00
G. plicatus 'Bill Clarke'Bill Clarke’ is a yellow G. plicatus with excellent qualities. It has a somewhat smaller inner mark than its parent ‘Wendy’s Gold’.£18.50
G. plicatus 'Bertram Anderson' (AGM)One of the “Mighty Atom” group. Large, rounded flowers with a broad rounded U shape which is slightly blurred around the upper edges.£15.00
G. plicatus 'Brenda Troyle'Prosperous-looking large snowdrop, named after Gloucestershire gardener. Early to mid season. 14cm.£7.50
G. plicatus 'Colossus'Early snowdrop. Readily forms clumps. Discovered at Colesbourne Park in 1982. Often out at Christmas. Dec-Mar. 30cm.£7.50
G. plicatus 'Clovis'Very variable snowdrop - sometimes three outer and three inner segments; another time, one or two outer and five or four inner segments, and again, no outer segments and six inner segments, usually six equally long petals.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Diggory'Distinctive 'seersucker' textured outers.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Dionysus' Vigorous filled snowdrop with dark green drawing, medium flowering time, found in the garden of Greatorex in 1967.£5.00
G. plicatus 'E.A. Bowles'The flowers are established on two flower stalks, one slightly longer with a large flower, the second lower with a smaller flower. Named after Edward Augustus Bowles (1865-1954) who proposed the word 'Galanthophile'.£60.00
G. plicatus 'Florence Baker'Tall and early. Named by Ruth Stungo for Michael Baker's grandmother who laid out the gardens of Owletts, Kent.£60.00
G. plicatus 'Hill Poe'Late-flowering plicatus variety with five outer petals, green inner petals. Found in 1911 by James Hill Poe in his garden at Riverston, Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland, and named after his wife Blanche, then Secretary of the Irish RHS. Good beginner variety, but needs a slightly moister soil.£6.50
G. plicatus 'Seraph'A classically beautiful double hybrid. Short with neat flower arrangement. Named after Hilary Purkess' granddaughter. Mid season.£60.00
G. plicatus 'Sophie North'A charming snowdrop. Large, dumpy flowers on a relatively short plant; inner mark is a solid band above a narrow “V”. Each bulb usually has two flowers.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Tomoko'Tomoko Miyashita worked as a volunteer at Colesbourne Gardens for many years and found this amongst others.£40.00
G. plicatus 'Trym'A favourite in any collection. Distinctive green markings on the outers. Pergoda-shaped appearance.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Vera Trum'Attractive, large, wavy flowers with a narrow green V at the top, broad leaves reminiscent of Veratrum. Found by John Morley under an oak.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Wendy's Gold'Very good yellow. First observed by Bill Clarke in 1974 at Wandlebury Ring, Cambridgeshire and named after his wife.£20.00
G. plicatus 'Washfield Warham'A popular variety of plicatus, whose greyish green broad foliage is folded at the edge and has large flowers, very late flowering. The green mark on the inner petals is compared to a Chinese bridge.£12.50
G. 'Reginae-Olgae'Usually the first snowdrop to flower in the autumn.£7.50
G. x 'Alison Hilary'Diffused marking inner segment, pretty little snowdrop. Discovered in the famous Backhouse Garden, Sutton Court, Herefordshire.£17.00
G. x 'Anne of Geierstein'Lovely, thick, fleshy outers formed on a short plant. Practically glows in the mist.£17.50
G. x 'Coolballintaggert'Heart-shaped bright green mark on the inner segment, occasionally produces additional inner segments. Found by Margaret Owen.£10.00
G. x 'CovertsidePale olive lapwing-like pattern that blends into the pale olive ovary, claw-like petals. Covertside is the garden of the galanthophile couple John and Lyn Sales.£25.00
G. x 'Ding Dong'Similar to 'Robin Hood' but has much longer blooms and an earlier bloom. Often makes two stems. The name jokingly refers to the old Avon commercial - the Avon consultant comes in and says "Ding Dong, Avon calling."£12.00
G. x 'Falkland House'Large stable snowdrop with very well-rounded flower shape, green pattern at the top of the inner petals, which belongs to the 'Mighty Atom' group, early flowering. Herbert Ransom went to Falkland House with many of Winifred Mathias' snowdrops after the closure of her nursery.£8.00
G. x 'Faringdon Double'Early flowering. Long, pale-olive ovary.£10.00
G. x 'Fieldgate Fugue'Early flowering, tall Greatorex double.£25.00
G. x 'Fieldgate Prelude'An exceptional poculiform. You needn't be a galanthophile to fall in love with this angelic wonder. Divine.£15.00
G. x 'G71'A member of the Mighty Atom complex. Larger flowers on stronger stems than its parent Mighty Atom.£5.00
G. x 'Galatea'An early flowering double with supervolute leaves. Useful in the garden before Christmas through to January.£5.00
G. x 'Hippolyta'Evenly shaped double flowers with a green horseshoe-shaped spot on the outer segments, on high stems dangling gracefully in the wind. The flower rosette is equipped with about 21 petals. One of the loveliest Greatorex doubles. 15cm. Hippolyta is the Amazon Queen in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.£5.00
G. x 'James Backhouse'James Backhouse I (1794-1869), a missionary in Australia, collected plants before taking over the gardening of J.G. Telford in York with his brother Thomas Backhouse (1792-1845).£2.50
G. x 'John Gray'Bottle-shaped continuous dark green lines on inner petals, giant flowers (sometimes forming two flower stalks), however, always hanging down, gray-green leaves. A robust, early-flowering cultivar.£12.50
G. x 'Joyce'Delightful Greatorex Double, fully double, well marked inside with perfect flower to foliage ratio. Forms a lovely clump. January-April. 16cm.£20.00
G. x 'Kildare'Strong green stripes on the outer, from dark green to light green on the inner petals. Sometimes makes two flower stalks. Found by Ruby Baker and David Baker in 1995 while traveling in Ireland.£15.00
G. x 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' (AGM)Small-flowered, vigorous, sometimes unclean snowdrop with reduced green line, gray-green, narrow leaves, reproduces well. Has longer outer petals.£7.00
G. x 'Little Ben'Beautiful large-flowered snowdrop of the 'Mighty Atom' group with round horseshoe markings on the top of the inside and strongly curved peduncle. Found in the garden of Olive and David Mason.£10.00
G. x 'Magnet' (AGM)Overhanging long pedicels, pendulum swinging at an angle of 45 degrees in wind and the large single flowers with the strongly rounded petals. Good beginner variety, very healthy and vigorous. First mentioned in 1894.£4.50
G. x 'Modern Art'A strong snowdrop with a slender flower, whose inner petals have a continuous, thick, dark green, towards the base thinner mark and the outer petals a light green tip.£12.50
G. x 'Mrs. Macnamara'A robust hybrid discovered in Primrose Warburg's garden. Named for Dr. John Grimshaw's niece. Broad, grey foliage and large flower. Willingly forms clumps.£12.00
G. x 'Mrs. Thompson'Vigorous snowdrop with green tip at the top of the inner petals, easy to cultivate.£10.00
G. x 'Primrose Warburg'The yellow of the ovary and spot on the inner petals becomes more intense with the years. Dedicated in her year of death to the wife of Edmund Frederic Warburg.£13.50
G. x 'Richard Ayres'Fast-growing snowdrop originating from Anglesey Abbey and named in 1987 after the local chief gardener (who found 'Lodestar'). Up to 30 cm high.£10.00
G. x valentinei 'Compton Court'Similar to 'S. Arnott' but flowers earlier. Discovered at Compton Acres, Dorset.£16.00
G. x 'Rodmarton'A filled, very early flowering variety whose flowering always looks to the side with a large ovary. The outer petals are ribbed longitudinally.£8.00 / £15.00
G. x 'Rosie'Vigorous and distinctive with yellow tinged leaves, yellow ovary, and yellow 'horseshoe' shaped inner marking. Mid season. 13cm.£30.00
G. x 'S. Arnott' (AGM)A classic snowdrop, according to literature one of the best and most scented varieties.£1.50
G. x 'South Hayes'Flattish outer segments give the flower its pagoda shape. The green band on the outer segment can be continuous or broken in the centre, solid green inner mark.£40.00
G. x 'Spindlestone Surprise'This snowdrop is superficially like 'Primrose Warburg', but larger in stature.£15.00
G. x 'St. Anne's' This snowdrop has relatively small flowers due to the slender outer segments. The inner segments form a narrow tube and have two marks. This plant is in flower at the latter end of the season.£10.00
G. x 'Straffan' (AGM)An old Irish cultivar that flowers slightly later in the season. Reliably produces two flowering scapes.£5.00
G. x 'Sutton Court' A tall, robust snowdrop, with rounded flowers and a crisp, horse shoe mark.£15.00
G. x 'Titania'Sometimes has stamens and is one of the last double-filled Greatorex hybrids, late flowering. Titania is the elf queen in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.£5.00
G. x 'Wasp'With some imagination you can visualise the striped abdomen of its namesake. Found by Veronica Cross at Sutton Court.£15.00
G. x 'Welshway'A neat little double with supervolute leaves, depicting elwesii in its parentage.£8.50
G. x 'White Admiral'Probably a G. nivalis x G. plicatus cross. Usually has four to five inner and outer petals.TBA
G. 'Hanneke'Has two flowers per stalk, both sides green with yellowish tip, fragrant. Named in February 2009 in honour of Marijke van Dijk, sister of Hanneke Otter-van Dijk.TBA
G. 'Little Drip'Large snowdrop, yet subtle character. Beautiful markings of long, thing, green lines on outer segments. Mid to late season.£40.00
G. 'Martha Maclaren'Uniform flower shape, continuous light green, an X-like drawing on the inner petals. Dr. John Grimshaw found the snowdrop in the garden of Primrose Warburg.£35.00
G. 'Sally Wickenden'Thick green line inside, light green at the outer tips. Found and dedicated to Margaret Owen in her daughter's garden.£10.00
G. 'Shropshire Queen'Similar to 'S. Arnott' but blooms 14 days earlier. Selected by Simon Savage (1965-2012), a well-known English gardener who discovered a number of species around his garden at Church Farm in Wrockwardine, Shropshire.£20.00
G. 'Winifrede Mattias'Distinctive, with good arching pedicel and pale olive green elongated ovary.£8.00

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