Snowdrops For Sale

All our plants are top quality potted bulbs in flower and are for collection on our open days in February. We can hold collection for one month should you not be a able to visit us at this time. We do not mail our snowdrops due to their fragile nature and we do not sell loose bulbs in the green or dry bulbs as these are for export only,

All orders must be pre-paid at the time of order. Please contact us to make payment and we will endeavour to respond to all orders within three days

G. elwesii 'Anglesey Orange Tip'The flowers are flushed with apricot with an inverted V above the sinus merging into an oval base. 15cm£55.00
G. elwesii 'Beanie'Beautiful and robust elwesii hybrid with large, well shaped flowers. The outer segments have variable green lines at the apex, and there is a single large apical mark on the inner segments.£60.00
G.elwesii 'Bushmills'Green inner petals throughout, delicate pale green stripes at the tip of the outer petals. The old Bushmills distillery is one of the world's oldest whiskey distilleries in County Antrim£22.00
G. elwesii 'Carolyn Elwes'The yellow G. elwesii discovered at Colesbourne Park. Extremely rare. Very few bulbs for sale.£250.00
G. elwesii 'Chris Sanders'Heart-shaped bright green mark on the inner segment, occasionally produces additional inner segments. Found by Margaret Owen, who dedicated the Snowdrop in 2007 to her friend, a well-known English plant expert.£50.00
G. elwesii 'Comet'Hiemalis group, early flowering, with large flowers on long stems. Thick green drawing inside, green lace outside.£15.00
G. elwesii 'elwesii'Descendant of the original 'giant snowdrop' collected by H.J. Elwes, provided by the great collectors grandson Sir Henry Elwes.£5.00
G. elwesii 'Godfrey Owen'A radiant G. elwesii clone with six outer and six inner segments. Symmetrical and exquisite. Mid season. Named by Margaret Owen for her husband.£30.00
G.elwesii 'Green Tips'A good robust snowdrop with large rounded and well shaped flowers. AKA "Michael Myers Green Tips".£10.00
G. elwesii 'Harewood Twin'One of the best twin-flowered snowdrops, regularly producing two flowers on each scape.£35.00
G. elwesii 'J Haydn'An early flowering variety (Dec-Jan) with textured flowers. 9cm£10.00
G. elwesii 'Jessica'Green-tipped clone, scapes extend beyond the foliage. Named by Phil Cornish.£25.00
G. elwesii 'Mandarin'Found in 1993 by Phil Cornish. Inner petals show two-part green lines. £12.50
G. elwesii 'Margaret Owen'Almost continuous green drawing on the inner petals, has the appearance of a pagoda. The galanthophile Margaret Owen (1930-2014) collected many rare snowdrops.£40.00
G. elwesii 'Marjorie Brown'Late clone (March).Alluring glaucous leaves. 17cm.£12.00
G. elwesii 'monostictus'Tall snowdrop with a single band on the inner petals. Flowers Feb-Mar. 18cm£4.50
G elwesii 'Mrs McNamara'Puts on a fine show early in the New Year. A tall upright plant with well developed natural glaucous foliage at flowering time. Slender flowers held well clear of the foliage. Slim rather slim V marking on the inner segment. The plant originated from the garden of Dylan Thomas' aunt.£12.00
G. elwesii 'Natalie Garton'A semi-double hybrid with globular outer petals and variable inner petals with an inverted U above the sinus. 16cm£8.00
G. elwesii 'Rogers Rough'A large, well shaped snowdrop with a dark green ovary and a wide green U above the ovary. 15cm£15.00
G. elwesii 'Sickle'A rare tall snowdrop with slender outer petals. pronounced sickle shaped spathe and a dark green X above the sinus. Flowers Dec-Feb. 18cm£12.00
G. elwesii 'Yvonne Hay'Very vigorous, large clone. A good match for G. plicatus 'Colossus'. Early to mid season. 37cm.£14.50
G. gracilis 'Highdown'An older but reliable variety that bulks up well and self seeds freely. 10cm£8.00
G. nivalis 'Galatea'An early flowering double with super volute leaves and long pedicels. Useful in the garden before Christmas through to January.£5.00
G. nivalis 'Green Tear'Arguably the greatest of the virescent snowdrops. Attractive green shading on outer segments with the unrivalled solid green marking on the inner segments. Very rare. £60.00
G. nivalis 'Lady Elphinstone'Yellow form of G. nivalis 'Flore Pleno'. Can sulk for a season or two after being moved but settles down after a spell.£18.00
G. nivalis 'Mighty Atom'A strong growing hybrid that flowers from February to March. 18cm£8.00
G. nivalis 'Viridipice'Vigorous, tall G. nivalis with strong green tips on outer segments, spathe often expanded. Jan-Apr. 16cm.£8.00
G. nivalis 'Wasp'With some imagination you can visualise the striped abdomen of its namesake. Found by Veronica Cross at Sutton Court.£15.00
G. plicatus 'Brenda Troyle'Under this name we have a fine snowdrop flowering slightly earlier than the very similar 'S. Arnott'. A fine rounded flower that is scented too.£7.50
G. plicatus 'Colossus'Early snowdrop. Readily forms clumps. Discovered at Colesbourne Park in 1982. Often out at Christmas. Dec-Mar. Very large and vigorous. 30cm.£7.50
G. plicatus 'Diggory'A much admired snowdrop with distinctive 'seersucker' textured pure white outer petals with light green inner segments. Dec-Feb. 15cm£30.00
G. plicatus 'Faith Stewart Liberty'Green marking on the inner petals, lighter towards the base. Named after the owner of the garden where Mark Brown discovered it.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Gerard Parker'Very large flowers, rippled and wavy outer segments, wide V shaped mark. Can sometimes form an X. Broad blue-green, relatively short foliage. One of the best plicatus varieties £12.50
G. plicatus 'Seraph'A classically beautiful double hybrid. Short with neat flower arrangement. Named after Hilary Purkess' granddaughter. Mid season. £60.00
G. plicatus 'Sophie North'A charming snowdrop. Large, dumpy flowers on a relatively short plant; inner mark is a solid band above a narrow V. Each bulb usually has two flowers.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Tomoko'Tomoko Miyashita worked as a volunteer at Colesbourne Gardens for many years where she discovered this snowdrop which was then named after her. £40.00
G. plicatus 'Trym'A much admired and wanted snowdrop ever since it first appeared in a garden near Bristol. There are six inner petals with heart-shaped markings and no outers petals.£30.00
G. plicatus 'Wendy's Gold'Very good yellow. First observed by Bill Clarke in 1974 at Wandlebury Ring, Cambridgeshire and named after his wife. £20.00
G. scharlockii 'JMDS-7B2-6'Also known as JM6. This is a rare Belgian snowdrop with heavily marked green flowers.£15.00
G. woronowii 'Rodmarton Regulus'A handsome heavyweight snowdrop that flowers from January to February. 18cm£40.00
G. hyb. 'Armine'A tall snowdrop with rounded outer petals and a horseshoe shaped mark on the sinus with strong green markings towards the ovary. Named for Brig. Mathias' daughter. 18cm£12.00
G. hyb 'Covertside'Pale olive lapwing-like pattern that blends into the pale olive ovary, claw-like petals. Covertside is the garden of the galanthophile couple John and Lyn Sales. £25.00
G. hyb 'Curly'One of the latest flowering snowdrops and large tube-shaped inner petals with an X above the sinus. The names comes from the reflexed leaves.£6.50
G. hyb 'Dionysus'Vigorous snowdrop with dark green lines, medium flowering time, found in the garden of Greatorex in 1967. Dionysus is the god of wine, joy, grapes, fertility, madness and ecstasy in the Greek world of gods.£5.00
G. hyb 'Esther Merton'Filled G. elwesii with two green drawings on the inner petal; green inverted V at the top, green round dot at the base.£40.00
G. hyb 'Faringdon Double'Early flowering. Long, pale-olive ovary. One of the very first doubles found.£10.00
G. hyb 'George Proverbs'Discovered at Colesbourne Park. Has blunt outer petals and a green U above the sinus. 16cm.£15.00
G. hyb 'Hill Poe'Late-flowering plicatus variety with five outer petals, green inner petals. Found in 1911 by James Hill Poe in his garden at Riverston, Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland. Good beginner variety, but needs moist soil. SOLD OUT
G. hyb 'Hippolyta'Evenly shaped double flowers with a green horseshoe-shaped spot on the outer segments, on high stems dangling gracefully in the wind. The flower rosette is equipped with about 21 petals. One of the shortest Greatorex doubles. 15cm. £5.00
G. hyb 'James Backhouse'James Backhouse (1794-1869), a missionary in Australia, collected plants before taking over the garden of JG Telford in York with his brother Thomas (1792-1845). Commonly shows some malformation.£3.00
G. hyb 'John Gray'Bottle-shaped continuous dark green lines on inner petals, giant flowers (sometimes forming two flower stalks), however, always hanging down, gray-green leaves. A robust, early-flowering cultivar. £12.50
G. hyb 'Modern Art'A strong snowdrop with a slender flower, whose inner petals have a continuous, thick, dark green, towards the base thinner mark and the outer petals a light green tip. £12.50
G. hyb 'Nothing Special'A lovely snowdrop that bulks up well. The flowers are similar in appearance to S. Arnott. Considered to be one of the best, named by Alan Street.£10.00
G. hyb 'Ophelia'A fine early Greatorex double with rounded flowers held well above the foliage. Often has slightly aberrant inner segments and the green U shaped marking fades down towards the base.£5.00
G. hyb 'Primrose Warburg'The yellow of the ovary and spot on the inner petals becomes more intense with the years. Dedicated to the wife of Edmund Frederic Warburg. £15.00
G. hyb 'S. Arnott' (AGM)A classic snowdrop, according to literature one of the best and most scented varieties. £3.50
G. hyb 'Shropshire Queen'Similar to 'S. Arnott' but blooms 14 days earlier. Selected by Simon Savage (1965-2012), a well-known English gardener who discovered a number of species around his garden at Church Farm in Wrockwardine, Shropshire. SOLD OUT
G. hyb "South Hayes'Flattish outer segments give the flower its pagoda shape; the green band on the outer segment can be continuous or broken in the centre. Solid green inner mark. Named after the home of Primrose Warburg.£40.00
G. hyb 'Straffan' (AGM)An old Irish cultivar that flowers slightly later in the season. Reliably produces two flowering scapes.£5.00
G. hyb 'Titania'Sometimes has stamens and is one of the last double-filled Greatorex hybrids, late flowering. Titania is the elf queen in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. £5.00
G. hyb 'Trotters Merlin'Has a shorter stature than 'Merlin', upright leaves and the outer segments are longer.£10.00
Galanthus nivalisBeautiful common snowdrop, established in pots for naturalising. Vigorous and delightful. 1 large bulb per pot.£1.50

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