Colesbourne Estate Website

New Website

Welcome to our shiny new website, created with thanks to Athena Web Designs. Within its pages you will find all the information you need to plan a visit to Colesbourne Gardens and see our joyful displays of snowdrops. There can be nothing better for shaking off the winter blues and setting the mind for the approaching spring.

However, please check back on this site for up-to-the-minute news on openings. If winter decides to keep us in its grasp with a flurry of snow, the snowdrops will remain sulking invisibly beneath the surface and the gardens will not be able to open!

We are now hard at work preparing the parking area and the paths through the garden, sweeping away the leaves and clearing the winter branch falls. Very sadly in the strong winds a few weeks ago, we lost two of our Great British champion trees, a beautiful Quercus Libani (Lebanese Oak) and an immense Quercus Xtremii (Hybrid Oak). If these had fallen in the spring, we might have been able to taking cuttings to replant these magnificent rare trees but sadly at this time of year there is no hope for them. It is part of the circle of our existence, I suppose.

As we move forward, we will be introducing new pages to this site and hopefully if there is enough interest, starting a “Friends of Colesbourne” group of volunteers. There is always work to do to improve what we offer and for a little time in the summer months, volunteers would be rewarded with advice, expert guidance.. and a few bulbs to take home. If you would be interested in becoming a Friend, please let us know!