Colesbourne Park Snow Drop

England's Greatest Snowdrop Garden

Colesbourne Park

England’s Greatest Snowdrop Garden

Colesbourne Gardens are now closed for the season. We would like to thank all visitors to the garden this year who braved the elements to see our collection of snowdrops and winter flowers. Opening times for next year will be posted shortly. Please keep an eye out on the website for dates for tours of the arboretum this summer and autumn.

Colesbourne Gardens is the premier place to see snowdrops in bloom. The collection is probably the most varied of any garden on display, with over three hundred varieties of this spectacular harbinger of spring on show during the short season. Over 10 acres of private gardens and woodland walks with a mix of snowdrops, hellebores, cylcamen and a wide variety of early flowering shrubs.

The Gardens include an arboretum of rare trees privately collected over the past 120 years, many of which are Champion trees listed in the Tree Register of the British Isles.

Colesbourne Park Snow Drop
G. ‘Primrose Warburg’
Lovely garden, best snowdrops we have ever seen.
Visitor 2019
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A most beautiful place to see such a wide range of snowdrops in a natural setting.
Visitor 2019